How to upgrade perl to v5.8.8

Installing and running cPanel 11 require you to have perl v5.8.8. If you run an older version some things will not work properly (like spamassasin for example).
Do you need to upgrade?
YES if you running an older version.
How to check what version are you using?

perl -v

If you see anything like:

This is perl, v5.8.7 built for i686-linux

then you need to upgrade.

Upgrading is simple but I have seen a few problems in the past this is why I decided to write the how to.

  1. Download the cPanel perl installer
  2. wget

  3. Extract the archive
  4. tar zxvf perl588installer.tar.gz

  5. Run the installer
  6. cd perl588installer

    1. Check perl modules
    2. /scripts/checkperlmodules

    3. Force a cPanel update
    4. /scripts/upcp –force

    5. Update perl information in user’s cPanel
    6. rm -rf /home/*/.cpanel;rm -rf /home/*/.cpanel-datastore

    7. Check the actual new perl version
    8. perl -v


      This should now output something like:

      This is perl, v5.8.8 built for i686-linux


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